Apple is exchanging AirPods Pro to customers for free

The American company “Apple” announced that it will replace “AirPods Pro” headphones to customers for free, due to sound problems.

These problems include static sound, or cracking that is increased in noisy environments, and problems with active noise cancellation.

The company said that the headphones made after October 2020 do not suffer from problems, according to CNBC.

Owners who encounter these problems can contact “Apple” online or make an appointment in one of its stores to replace their headphones for free. Only devices that have been confirmed to have the problem will be replaced.

The exchange only applies to the headphones, not the charging case. Apple does not offer a similar program to the other AirPods.

Users reported cracking issues with AirPods Pro earlier this year. In May, Apple released support files on its website with troubleshooting advice for this issue.

Apple’s AirPods Pro is a popular line of wireless headphones, and the company recorded $ 7.8 billion in revenue from “other products” in the September quarter, which includes AirPods along with other headphones and Apple watches.

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