Apple fined $ 503 million for violating patents

A jury in Texas has sentenced Apple to pay $ 503 million for violating VPN technology patented by software security firm Vernet X.

The legal battle between the Nevada-based company, “Vernet X” and the “Apple” group dealt with the issue of data transmission security in devices such as the “iPhone”, “iPad” and “iPod Touch”, according to court documents.

“We thank the jury members for their time and appreciate their consideration of this case, but we are disappointed with the verdict and will file an appeal,” the US giant said.

“This case has continued for more than a decade, with patents unrelated to the basic operations of our products that the patent office found invalid,” she added.

On the other hand, Vernet X asserted in the lawsuit that Apple’s VPN (VPN) functions are using its patented technology.

Vernet X is based in Nevada, but patent lawsuits are usually filed in states where a jury is more inclined to rule against the Silicon Valley giants.

Vernet X, which has not been able to gain popularity with its own software, relies on patent rights for its revenue, according to the Dallas Morning News report on the jury ruling.

“Such issues only serve to undermine innovation and harm consumers,” Apple said.

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