Apple fails to overturn VirnetX patent ruling

A federal judge denied Apple’s offer to avoid or reduce a $ 502.8 million patent infringement ruling in favor of VirnetX, which could boost Apple’s total payments in two cases to more than $ 1.1 billion.

Apple has not succeeded in reducing the amount it owes VirnetX in relation to its patent infringement fees, as the iPhone manufacturer lost an appeal that would have canceled or reduced the $ 502.8 million amount.

In a ruling issued on Friday, US District Court Judge Robert Schroeder in Tyler, Texas, rejected Apple’s request for a new trial and many other claims.

This included that the amount to be paid to VirnetX should not exceed $ 113.7 million and that the jury should have been told that the US Patent and Trademark Office had deemed VirnetX’s claims unprofitable.

In October, a jury found that Apple had violated two VirnetX patents relating to secure networks, known as virtual private networks (VPNs), that various iPhone and iPad owners could use.

The jury ruled in each of VirnetX’s lawsuits against Apple in favor of VirnetX and said: The FaceTime, iMessage, and VPN on Demand features violated VirnetX’s communications security patents.

The judge also awarded returns of 84 cents per unit for future violations, reflecting the rate set by the jury.

Apple said future revenue should be zero, or no more than 19 cents per unit.

Apple and VirnetX have been fighting patent lawsuits for more than a decade, first launching in 2010.

In March, Apple paid VirnetX $ 454 million after the US Supreme Court refused to hear Apple’s appeal in the patent case.

Apple said on December 18 in a lawsuit that the latter amount could increase its payments in both cases to $ 1.116 billion.

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