Apple employees are calling on the company to support the Palestinians

Apple employees posted an internal letter asking CEO Tim Cook to release a statement in support of the Palestinian people, and nearly 1,000 employees signed.

The letter writers demand from the company specifically to realize that millions of Palestinians are currently suffering from illegal occupation.

This step comes in the wake of the bloody Israeli bombing campaign on Gaza, which killed nearly 227 people, including at least 63 children.

The letter writers said: They were inspired to write the letter after the company failed to issue a statement condemning the violence against the Palestinians.

They wrote: We are frustrated and disappointed that many of those in positions of power and influence choose once again to remain silent or to make neutral statements that include both sides regarding the Palestinian situation.

Historically, the company has not been quick to express solidarity with Muslim employees or support Islamic causes, according to a current employee, however, Tim Cook has been an outspoken critic of Donald Trump’s ban on Muslims.

The sources said: The discussions about internal violence were dominated by the pro-Zionist voices, as Muslim employees and allies tried in vain to divert the talks towards the plight of the Palestinians and the Muslim workers of Abel.

This news comes several days after a group of Jewish employees at Google issued a statement calling for the company to protect anti-Zionist rhetoric.

Google employees also asked the company to review its commercial contracts to ensure that they do not allow Israeli violations of Palestinian rights.

The letter asks Tim Cook for Apple to make it clear, internally and externally, that it believes Palestinian lives matter, and for the company to make clear that millions of Palestinians are currently suffering from an illegal occupation, as defined by the United Nations.

They also demanded that Apple clarify that the aforementioned statements do not advocate in any way or support terrorism of any kind against anyone around the world.

The letter indicates a desire not to make any statement by Apple referring to the Palestinian situation as a conflict, clash, or the like, because these words indicate a symmetry of power that does not exist.

The demands also include minimizing the disproportionate pain and suffering of the Palestinian people, and that Apple commits to spending equal time and effort getting to know and interact with the Palestinian community, as it does with many other diverse communities.

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