Apple begins launching macOS Big Sur for Mac computers

On Thursday, Apple announced the launch of the new Big Sur version of the macOS operating system, also known as macOS 11.0, for compatible Mac computers.

And Apple announced during its annual WWDC 2020 conference last June the latest version of its laptop and desktop operating system (MacOS).

MacOS Big Sur is the first version of the operating system (MacOS) that runs on new Mac computers that run with Apple’s M1 processor, in addition to their old devices that run on Intel processors.

And macOS Big Sur brings the biggest upgrade to the Safari browser, as Apple said: This is the largest update to the Safari browser since its launch in 2003. Safari has become faster thanks to the JavaScript engine that helps it outperform third-party browsers that you can use on Mac computers. The browser will load the websites visited by the user faster, and it has better tab management capabilities.

There are also improved privacy features, such as: the Privacy Report feature that allows the user to learn how websites track user data, and to monitor any of his passwords appearing in a security breach.

The revamped Safari Browser includes features that help customize web browsing. The new start page can be customized with a background image and sections such as the Reading List and iCloud tabs. Through the built-in translation feature, the browser can translate entire web pages into (7) languages ​​with just one click.

And the Messages app in macOS Big Sur includes new tools to better manage important conversations and share messages. Favorite conversations can now be pinned to the top of the message list for quick access, similar to a feature in the new iOS 14.

Apple has completely redesigned the search by organizing the results into matching links, images and phrases. To help quickly find what they’re looking for, custom Memoji stickers can now be created on Mac, as well as new group messaging features that help connect with family and friends easily.

Apple has completely redesigned the Maps application in macOS Big Sur to offer new features that help to easily explore the places that are looking for, and the app now includes more options to help explore new places, and custom guides for restaurants, parks and vacation places can be created that can be shared with friends. And family.

The app supports a new feature called Look Around that allows for a 360-degree view of places, and detailed indoor maps of airports and major shopping centers can be browsed. In addition to the possibility of directing cycling trips and electric vehicles on a Mac computer, and sending them directly to an iPhone.

As with iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, macOS Big Sur brings tools to your Mac’s main screen, and tools are large dynamic icons that display app information directly, such as: the weather or your daily step count.

If the user has a new Mac computer running with an Apple processor, the computer will be able to run the original iPhone and iPad applications, all the user has to do is go to the Mac store to install the new applications.

As for the devices that are compatible with the new MacOS Big Sur system, they are the 2015 version of the (MacBook) computer and later, the 2013 version of the (MacBook Air) computer and later, the 2013 version of the (MacBook Pro) computer and later, and the 2014 version of (Mac mini) computer and later, the 2014 version of the (iMac) computer and later, the 2017 version of the (iMac Pro) computer and later, and the 2013 version of the (Mac Pro) computer and later.

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