Apple and Microsoft are collaborating to support the Xbox console for the iPhone and iPad

Apple and Microsoft are working together to make the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S console capable of working with iPhone smartphones and iPads.

Currently, the console for the two platforms does not officially support iOS or iPadOS, but Apple says: “Microsoft and Apple are collaborating to support console compatibility for the Xbox Searce X platform for customers in a future update.”

This is not the first time that the two companies have cooperated to improve console support for the (Xbox) platform, as Apple has cooperated with Microsoft to add support for the Xbox Elite 2 console, and the Xbox Adaptive controller. Controller for iOS 14 earlier this year. However, support appeared almost a year after Xbox Elite 2 was launched.

It is not clear when Apple intends to license consoles for the Xbox Series X, but there are signs that support for the DualSense controller for the recent PlayStation 5 from Sony is coming soon.

Apple Insider recently reported that iOS 14.3, which is still in its beta phase, “contains behind the scenes support” for the DualSense controller.

Apple did not mention the DualSense controller in the support note, but it is hoped that the company will not take an entire year to support the console for the (PlayStation 5) platform and the console for the (Xbox) platform.


Earlier in the month of November, Apple launched its Apple TV service for gaming platforms (Xbox), in conjunction with the launch of the platforms (Xbox Series X) and (Xbox Series S).

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