The European Champions League dates back on Tuesday.

The following report reviews the highlighted records and distinctive statistics experienced by the Champions League this season before the final price.

104 matches were held in the tournament so far.

317 Goals in the Champions League champions before tonight clashes.

3.05 Average goal for one match – aim rate every 30 minutes.

23 goals recorded by Manchester City players to become the strongest aggressive team in the Champions League are equal to Bayern Munich, and then comes Ajax and Saif with 22 goals.

11 goals are issued by Sebastian Heller striker Ajax top scorer list so far, followed by Robert Levandovsky and Summer with 9 goals, followed by Egyptian star Mohammed Salah Third with 8 goals.

7 crucial assists issued by Bruno Fernandez Manchester United star list the most industrial goals.
Manchester City celebration


On the other hand, the European Union (EU) recently announced the final match of the Champions League from St. Petersburg in Russian city to “DVD” in France, on the back of the Ukrainian Russian events.

“The EU Executive Committee (UNICA) held an exceptional meeting following the serious escalation of the security situation in Europe.”

“The Executive Committee of the European Football Federation (EU) decided to transfer the Champions League final 2021/22 from St. Petersburg to Du France Stadium in San Donni, will play the game as initially scheduled on Saturday 28th on Saturday at 9:00 Central European time. “

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