AirPop .. washable masks come with extra filters

AirPop aims to solve problems with face masks with a new lineup of reusable and washable masks that filter out harmful substances in the air and also promise the ability to breathe even during intense physical activities.

Face masks have become a somewhat controversial topic in recent months, but it isn’t always easy to breathe while wearing them.

It becomes more difficult when it comes to wearing masks while playing sports, forcing people to choose between health and safety.

Face masks are designed to keep dust, pollution, some bacteria and harmful gases out of your mouth and nose, but not all are designed to make it easier to breathe.

AirPop has designed reusable masks that allow for better breathability and wear, and are made of fabrics that provide strength and flexibility while maintaining a light weight and easy to clean.

The company says: The patented 3D Air Dome design solves the problem by creating a dome of clean, well-distributed air.

The company also prides itself on having masks providing the perfect fit and fit, so the mask can be modified to fit unique face sizes and shapes.

The new AirPop masks come in two models: the Original is used daily in the city, while the Active is used while running or cycling.

The Active model can direct the airflow better than regular masks due to what the company calls “performance pores”.

The masks also feature additional replaceable filters, which are suitable for use for 40 hours, and the company promises that these filters are able to block 99.97 percent of fine particles, including dust and bacteria.

The Original and Active reusable and washable masks are now available in the United States and Canada for $ 59.99 and $ 69.99, respectively.

Both masks come with four filters, and users can also purchase 4 filter packages for $ 24.99.

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