The wait is over, and the Serie A championship restarts. Milan begins his season at home against the fearsome Udinese, Stefano Pioli presents the challenge in the usual press conference on the eve of the match. 

ON THE ENTHUSIASM OF SAN SIRO: “There is no need to mediate. It is a great result to have a full San Siro on August 13, it is an enthusiasm that we must cultivate from which to draw energy. We obviously clear the ranking, we will start from 0 points like everyone else, but we will start with the awareness of what we know and we will continue our path. We have to prepare every single match in the best possible way, taking care of the details: we start again from our way of being on the pitch, from our energy “.

IF IT IS HIS STRONGER AC MILAN AND IF IT HAS TO BE COMPLETED: “It’s a strong Milan, it will be the pitch that will determine if we will be more or less like last year. I saw the same eyes and spirit of my players in my players. last year: it makes me positive. None of us have reached our maximum, Milan is growing. “

ON THE NEW OFFENSIVE DEPARTMENT: ” The newcomers, Divock, Charles, and Yacine, give me good feelings. They have good characteristics, and we have completed the offensive department. They are all available for tomorrow except Sandro who has this fatigue but is recovering in a positive way. Origi seems like a complete striker to me, he knows how to give us depth and knows how to communicate with his teammates. He will give us satisfaction, he is very intelligent like Adli and De Ketelaere. We’ll have to give them some time to get used to but I’m very happy with what they’re showing. “

ABOUT WHO CONVINCED HIM IN THIS PRE-CHAMPIONSHIP:” If we want to name names, surely Messias, Rebic, and Bennacer: they were the most continuous. I saw the desire to work and compete in all of them to prove that they can be chosen by the coach. football is evolving fast. Now the friendlies and above all the first league match also count. Udinese is a difficult, organized, physical team. It is the only team that last year, together with Juventus, we did not manage to beat: this is why we prepared well. “

ON THE FORECASTS: ” We never worried about what he said about us outside Milanello. We want to be competitive, we will have many competitions to try to win: we will have to prove it starting tomorrow “.ON THE ADVERSARY AND THE WORLD: “A particular season, the most unique in this development and context. Today I showed the team the whole calendar from today to November 13: 23-24 games. It will take an incredible effort, we will need all the players available. It is a particular championship, in three months we already play a lot, between the championship and the Champions League. For the preparation, we did everything we set out to do and the players responded well, apart from Sandro with that setback they are all fine. It will be a balanced championship, it will be difficult to surpass last year’s score. The mid-table teams have grown so much, there are many teams that want to win: it will be a good fight. “

IF YOU ARE HAPPY WITH THE TEAM AND THE MARKET: “I am very happy with the team, the players arrived, and the club: if the opportunity arises, they will be ready “.

WHY DÍAZ OWNER: “If Brahim were to play it will be because I think he is better than the others in this match, he has more pace than the other two at the moment. Charles has had such preparation for all the reasons we know. In that position, they have to show me. to be able to be the owners in every training session, but all three can also play in other positions “.

WHAT WILL THE NEW AC MILAN BE THE SAME AND WHAT DIFFERENT: “It will have to be the same in the energy to put into the game, in the mental attitude: we can never reduce the attention and the type of pressure we want to do. We must always try to attack the opponent. I am very interested in preparing the game well. , but then it’s the rivals who say which direction the game takes: their performances will tell if we can or should change something. I think I have different characteristics in front that can allow me to change a little bit. Don’t talk about the owners anymore, we are 26 owners. and everyone will play: they are all strong players who can play for Milan. We need a high level, we must have the good of the team as a point of reference. “

IF YOU HAVE HEARD OWNERSHIP: “The management is always present, Paolo, Ricky, and Ivan are always here and make us feel protected. I have heard both Cardinal and Elliott wish the team great good luck”.

ON THE MOTIVATIONS: “Tomorrow there will be something in terms of motivation. We worked really well for 40 days, we know the difficulties of tomorrow: the first motivation is to beat an opponent that we were unable to beat last year”.

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