A tool that allows you to check M1 processor compatibility with Mac applications

With the launch of Apple computers that work with its (M1) processor at the beginning of this month, you may be wondering about the compatibility of this processor with the applications that you will use on the new Mac computer, to answer this question the developer (DigiDNA) developed a free tool that allows you to check compatibility Apple’s new processor with easy Mac applications.

How does the tool work?

Apple’s new (M1) processor provides applications with better efficiency and really impressive performance, but even unsupported applications running with Rosetta 2 will work just fine, so that new Mac computers with an M1 processor can run architecture-based applications (x86). Intel is faster than an Intel processor in many cases.

But it is still important to see the compatibility of the new Apple processor with all applications, especially the applications that you use frequently and which are important to your business, for this and if you want to verify that your own applications will run more smoothly on the new Mac computer, you can use an application (Silicon) is free and open source.

The app is now available for free to users via iMazing and you can download it via this link – the fourth app – You can also check the app’s source code and also download it from GitHub via this link, once installed you can drag and drop apps inside the app to check compatibility.


It is worth noting that Apple mentioned at the M1 processor unveiling event: that it is the first PC processor built using advanced 5-nanometer processing technology, and contains 16 billion transistors. It features the world’s fastest CPU core, best CPU performance per watt, fastest integrated graphics processing on a PC, and incredible machine learning performance with the Apple Neural Engine.

As a result, the M1 processor delivers up to 3.5 times faster CPU performance, up to 6 times faster GPU performance, and 15 times faster machine learning, all while making battery life up to twice as long compared to the next generation Mac computers. The former, improved performance and efficiency, so the (M1) processor brings the greatest development ever for a Mac computer.

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