A serious technical flaw in the new “Twitter” service

A large number of Internet users have expressed their complaints about a serious technical flaw, in a technology recently launched by the micro-blogging platform “Twitter”.

Whereas, a large number of users discovered that Twitter’s “Fleets” technology, which is similar to the techniques of displaying stories on Instagram, completely disables all anti-harassment algorithms.

A large number of Twitter users expressed their anger at the lack of tools to combat harassment through the “FLEETS” service.

For example, the feature didn’t seem to respect the user blocking settings, as people reported being able to tag users who had blocked them.

A number of Twitter users also tweeted that they said that the “Fleets” technology enables followers to direct harassment or harassment without giving the user the ability to block it or even notify the owner of the tweet about the matter or warn the harasser of doing so.

Twitter responded to those reports by saying that it is currently seeking to fix both problems.

A spokesman for “Twitter” said that “Flets” should respect the blocking settings, and that the company plans to add a feature to notify the user of some kind of harassment or harassment.

He continued by saying, “We always listen to all comments and opinions, and we strive to preserve Twitter users because it is a top priority for us.”

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