A serious technical flaw discovered in one of the new “iPhone 12” phones

A number of owners of the new iPhone 12 mini phones have complained about a serious technical defect in their phones.

A number of owners of “iPhone 12 mini” phones said that they faced a difficult experience that the touch screen was partially unresponsive when the lock screen was activated.

The users explained that even with a swipe to unlock the lock using the thumb, users need the other fingers to unlock the iPhone 12 mini, which is what many find is not useful for a phone that is specifically designed for one-handed use.

A number of iPhone 12 mini users suspect that the problem may be due to the connection or the use of a cover to protect the phone.

Others indicated that the problem was fixed when the phone was connected or used without a cover.

Apple did not respond to requests for comment on this problem, which seems to be not just an isolated incident, but rather common to a large number of users of the new “iPhone 12 mini” phones.

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