Details Spotify’s new subscription service

With the abundance of music streaming services available now, Spotify has become more eager to present a lot of features and options to its users. Some rumors have appeared that the platform is on its way to present a series of original and exclusive podcast episodes as a way to distinguish its application from other competing services, such as: Apple Music.

Is Spotify really launching the service?
So far it hasn’t confirmed the matter in an official capacity, as the Sweden-based music streaming company has started sending out surveys asking users for feedback on an offer focused on providing exclusive content related to podcast episodes for a monthly fee.

Some users got this survey, which is mainly focused on getting their feedback about suggesting several different levels to subscribe to podcasts, ranging from $ 3 to $ 8 per month.

But for now, Spotify is asking surveyed users not to misunderstand this as evidence that this service is officially under preparation, as a company spokesperson stated: “At the moment, we routinely conduct a number of surveys in an effort to improve our user experience, and they are ending. Some of these surveys are paving the way for a new service to be introduced, others are just used to gain some knowledge, and currently we have no more news to share about future plans at this time. ”

Although the launch of this service has not been officially confirmed yet, it is definitely interesting to see that Spotify is already considering this matter, as the survey indicates, for example: that the cheapest subscription plan will include ads but at the same time allow the subscriber to access the interviews And exclusive links in the service.

While the more expensive subscription plan will provide early access to some original podcast episodes, as well as high-quality content without ads, and most importantly, it must be emphasized that as envisioned and hinted at in this survey, the monthly fee you’ll pay for this podcast show will be completely separate from Spotify Music (Premium) subscription and will not be included.

On the other hand, due to the outbreak of the Corona pandemic around the world, many users of music streaming services have become more inclined to listen to podcast episodes in various categories when they do not want to listen to music, and this means that this feature in the (Spotify) application will bring a lot For users who want to listen to stories and exclusive interviews instead of music.

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