A new feature arrives on Facebook … get to know it!

International reports revealed that the world’s most famous social networking platform, “Facebook”, is currently testing a new technology for its application in smartphones.

Some reports indicated that the Blue Site is currently testing the application of the new feature on a limited number of smartphones operating with the “Android” and “iOS” operating systems.

Any user included in this test will also be able to see the “Dark mood” button in the settings and privacy section of his within the menu tab.

The world-famous platform gives the option to apply or turn off the “dark mode” for anyone, and also provides a new technology to turn on the dark mode, for example, in the evening only, so that it is applied at sunset and in the morning the dark mode is deactivated.

The company “Facebook” has introduced the option of “dark mode” to its users in the “desktop” version, but it seems that it is on its way to implement it with completely new mechanisms and technologies in the mobile version.

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