A LG phone with a foldable screen might actually be called LG Slide

LG is working on a new smartphone that includes a rollable OLED screen, which is now expected to be launched in March. However, it is still not clear what will be the name of this phone. We told you yesterday about an application filed by LG to acquire the trademark LG Rollable, and that appears to have settled this discussion.

However, there is a new development in events. LG has also submitted a similar application again to the European Union Intellectual Property Office for the trademark LG Slide. You can make an argument that one has to “move |.” Slide the screen that rolls in and out while using the phone, so with that description, this new name makes sense.

In fact, LG Slide seems more logical and convenient than LG Rollable, it is easy and briefly describes the actual design of the phone. However, let us mention that in the past LG has also requested other brands that include LG The Roll, LG Double Roll, LG Dual Roll, LG Bi-Roll and LG Roll Canvas. However, as we have already indicated, among these, LG Slide appears in our humble opinion to be the best, but what do you think?

Before concluding, let’s just clarify that LG Slide can be a completely different phone from LG, it may be a retractable phone to reveal a second screen similar to the LG Wing, but the future is the only one that can determine the correct answer, so now we only have to wait and be patient.

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