8 million terabytes of iCloud user data stored on Google servers

Every new Apple device comes with its own iCloud storage space. It is one of the most important Apple paid services, and each user gets only 5 GB. Apple also allows you to buy more space after the available space is filled for free.

iCloud service has forced Apple to provide very large storage space. This is to serve the users of its phones and products on the one hand, and it offers paid storage expansion service on the other hand. Here, some may be surprised when they know that Apple relies on Google to store a large amount of user data on iCloud.

Currently, Apple stores up to 8 million terabytes of data on Google’s servers. This amount is much larger than the amount stored by other service providers that Apple deals with.

iCloud user data is stored in Google
Apple primarily relies on its data centers to store iCloud users’ data. But besides that, the company relies on other cloud service providers. Including Google Cloud, as mentioned above, along with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and others, and Apple uses the services of these companies to store photos, documents, contacts, and data of users in general.

Apple has confirmed that it does not share the decryption keys for this data with service providers, as the services are stored in an encrypted form on the servers of Google and Amazon, and their content can only be accessed with what is known as the encryption key, which ensures the privacy and security of users’ data.

According to some reports, Apple leases servers enough to store 8 million terabytes of data from Google, which will make the company pay in 2021 an amount of up to 300 million US dollars, and this amount expresses a growth of up to 50% compared to what Apple spent on Google cloud services In 2020!

As anyone can expect, based on this huge cooperation, Apple is now Google’s largest customer in cloud storage services, and it has come to the point that Google Cloud employees rely on an internal name to describe Apple, which is “Bigfoot” or “Bigfoot” And that’s because the Cupertino giant invests more than any other company in the sector, even data-hungry Spotify by its very nature as a music streaming company.

We understand that Apple is currently facing two things, one positive and the other negative, and the positive is the great success of the iCloud cloud storage service, whether the free or paid part of it, which gives an indication of the success of the company’s phones itself, and the negative side is simply that Apple is unable to absorb all of this. The amount of data on its own servers, so it turns to third-party companies.

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