7 applications that allow you to take advantage of the new features in iPhone 12 phones

All iPhone 12 series phones support many improvements and new features, as they all work with the latest Apple A14 processor – the first processor to be manufactured with 5 nm technology – which provides 50% better performance than competing phones, and all support 5G networks, and include a camera Enhanced, LiDAR Scanner, and many more.

in addition to; All models run on iOS 14 which has its own set of new features, so many may wonder about the best apps that allow them to take advantage of the new phones’ features.

Today, we will review 7 of the best applications that allow you to make the most of iPhone 12 phones:

1- Halide Mark II app:

(Halide) application is considered one of the best camera applications for iPhone phones, and it also includes the latest version of the application named (Halide Mark II) – and it was released with the launch of iPhone 12 phones – a lot of new features, including: Redesigning the user interface, giving you access to All the controls for easy capture, better RAW capture and advanced methods of professional processing.

The application supports a new feature called (Coverage) that allows you to have two photos when taking one picture, the first: a processed image that you can immediately publish to applications and platforms that do not accept RAW images, and the second is a (RAW) image without any processing that you can modify later.

Another feature called (Instant RAW) uses the camera features on the iPhone 12 to provide modified (RAW) images that closely resemble JPEG format, but still allow you to control the editing. In addition to support for the all-new (ProRAW) technology – provided by Apple in the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max – to provide wider options for editing photos through full control of color, detail and dynamic range.

2- Fantastical Application:

Apple’s apps are generally good, but there are much better options such as: (Fantastical) which is a great alternative to the calendar app. It is a compact calendar and tasks app that works seamlessly across all of your Apple devices.

It also has a wide range of widgets to choose from in small, medium and large sizes, which you can add to the iPhone home screen allowing you to easily track events, tasks, weather and more.

3- Spark Email app:

The (Spark Email) application is considered one of the best e-mail applications because of its integration with many applications and collaboration tools, and it supports many smart features, such as: the (Smart Inbox) feature that allows you to see important incoming messages and delete unimportant messages quickly, as it classifies All new emails are intelligently in three categories: personalized messages, push notifications, and newsletters.

The application also allows you to collaborate with your teammates to create professional emails together through the (real-time editor) feature, in addition to scheduling emails to be sent later, and the Snooze feature that allows you to postpone responding to certain messages and remove them from the mailbox. Import temporarily when needed.

4- 3d Scanner App:

The (3d Scanner App) application allows you to take advantage of the LiDAR sensor in the iPhone 12 phones, by scanning places and 3D objects and creating virtual replicas of them in your phone, and you can export these copies in compatible formats for use in 3D design programs, such as: blender, The 3dsmax, the sketchup and easily editable.

5- LumaFusion App:

(LumaFusion) is one of the best video editing applications, as it offers an elegant and simple user interface, and powerful features to get professional videos, such as: create videos with various aspect ratios, and adjust frame rates according to your convenience from 18 frames per second to 240 FPS to create slow motion videos, add effects to images and audio, use powerful tools for color correction, create multi-layered titles with text, shapes and images, and easily share videos anywhere with control over resolution, formatting and compression quality.

With iPhone 12 phones, you can take advantage of the new features in the camera, for example: you can shoot HDR video with Dolby Vision and edit it easily.

6- Things 3 app:

Things 3 helps you plan your day and easily track your daily tasks in one place, as it allows you to create a category for every area of ​​your life, such as: work, family, financial affairs, etc., and this keeps everything neatly organized, and helps you see the big picture while Putting your plans into action.

The app integrates with the Calendar app to keep track of events and tasks together, and allows you to set reminders for tasks and things to do throughout the day, and use Tags (hashtags) to quickly categorize tasks and lists.

On iPhone 12, you can add widgets to your home screen, create tasks via the voice assistant (Siri), and it also integrates with the application (Shortcuts) to automate your tasks.

7- Overcast app:

(Overcast) app provides you a lot of features for listening to podcasts; Such as: the (Voice Boost) feature to improve the volume, and the (Smart Speed) feature to reduce the silence and get a higher speed without affecting the sound quality.

It also allows you to create custom playlists thanks to the smart filters feature, as well as download files for offline listening, and get notifications when new episodes arrive.

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