5 ways to fix the problem of blue screen in Windows 10

The appearance of the blue screen on your Windows 10 computer is very annoying, and a cause for concern. At the same time, the blue screen error – also called the stop error – may be caused by outdated drivers or third-party applications, in which case you can download Install the latest drivers, or delete the application that is causing the problem.

Among the error messages you may encounter when the blue screen appears: Clock Watchdog Timeout error message, which we will talk about today in detail.

What is the Clock Watchdog Timeout error?

The appearance of the “Clock Watchdog Timeout” error message relates to the internal hardware components of the device responsible for operating the system, and specifically refers to a problem with how the Windows 10 operating system communicates with the computer’s CPU.

When you ask the computer to do something, the operating system tells the CPU to interrupt the processing process due to an error that has occurred. This process occurs at the system level and is known as system interrupt.

But if the operating system has spent a long time in the interrupt phase – known as the IRQL interrupt request level – you’ll see a blue screen with Clock Watchdog Timeout at the top.

Additionally, if there are some issues with the RAM, BIOS, or drivers of the processor, it might also cause Clock Watchdog Timeout to appear in the blue screen.


How to fix this error?

This error is one of the most common blue screen errors, however you can fix it fairly easily, but it depends on identifying which part of the internal components is the cause of its occurrence, as most fixes revolve around checking the internal components, and their drivers . Here is a list of the most common fixes for this problem:

1- Restart the computer:

The first step that must be taken when this error appears, is to restart the computer. The appearance of this error message is not necessarily an indication of the collapse of the operating system in your computer, it may be an error that you can easily solve by restarting the computer only.

2- Verify that the computer parts are installed in place:

The appearance of this error may be due to the presence of any of the internal components of the computer outside its normal place, such as: that the RAM is not installed in its place properly, so you must check all components of the computer and make sure that it is installed and connected properly.

3- Update the operating system:

Check for any pending updates for Windows 10, updates often contain bug fixes in the operating system, and to do so, follow these steps:

  • Press the Windows logo + I buttons on your keyboard to open the Windows 10 Settings screen.
  • On the screen that appears, tap the Update & Security option.
  • Tap on the Windows Update option.
  • If updates are available, download and install them.

4- Update drivers:

Updating drivers is a method for resolving almost all blue screen messages on a computer; This is because if drivers become corrupted or out of date it can cause associated components to show error messages like this message.

Windows 10 usually updates drivers automatically, but you can check for driver updates by following these steps:

  • In the search bar at the bottom left of the screen, type device manager, then click on the search result that appears in the pop-up window.
  • On the screen that appears, check for any yellow flags next to the drivers’ names.
  • If nothing, your drivers are unlikely to be the source of the problem, however, if you want to recheck, you can try updating each program manually.
Device Manger
Device Manger

5- Uninstall new apps:

If you see the “Clock Watchdog Timeout” error message right after installing an application on the Windows 10 computer, then this means that the problem may be from this application, so you must remove it and then restart the computer again.

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