5 reasons to buy the new MacBook Pro

Apple announced at the (One More Thing) event last week that new models of Mac computers will work with the new M1 processor – which is the most powerful chip Apple has ever made – such as: the 13-inch MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Pro measures 13 inches.

While both computers will work with the same processor, the logical decision to buy may be in favor of the MacBook Air, which comes at a price of $ 300 less than the MacBook Pro, but the MacBook Pro supports some powerful features that make it an option. suitable.

Here are 5 reasons why you should buy the new MacBook Pro computer over the Air:

1- MacBook Pro will work differently with the new processor:

Both computers run the same M1 processor, but they will not be exactly the same in how they use this processor, specifically, the MacBook Pro is likely to be faster. Because it has fans inside, it cools the processor (M1); So that it can provide better performance over longer periods.

Unlike the MacBook Air, it has an aluminum heat diffuser instead of fans, which means that the M1 processor is likely not to run as hard; Because its cooling solution is not as efficient as the other solution.

2- The screen is brighter:

Has computer (MacBook Pro) clear advantage when it comes to the screen, as it comes with a brightness of 500 nits / square meter, while the computer MacBook Air swallow the degree of brightness of 400 cd / square meter.

Although the degree of brightness in the MacBook Air computer can be suitable for many, but when exceeding this degree – which is what the MacBook Pro computer offers – it will be wonderful, as you will get a strong picture quality that leads to strong colors in a wide range of angles. Distinctive when broadcasting visual content from services such as: YouTube or Netflix.

3- Battery life:

According to Apple, the battery life of the new MacBook Pro computer will reach 20 hours when broadcasting video and 17 hours when browsing the web, which is more than two full hours when compared to the MacBook Air, and this would be welcome for many users who are looking for a Mac computer Long battery life regardless of price.

4- Distinctive quality in loudspeakers:

If you really care about sound quality, the MacBook Pro features stereo speakers with high dynamic range, wide stereo sound, with support for Dolby Atmos, plus you get three stereo-quality microphones.

5- Investing in the future:

The MacBook Pro computer is for many a higher price than the MacBook Air, but nevertheless when thinking about buying a laptop from Apple that lasts for more than four years at least, and provides outstanding performance, the MacBook Pro will be very suitable, as you will get a computer that has a long life Battery, brighter screen, and super cool stereo sound.

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