5 of the best PlayStation 5 games of 2020

Sony‘s PlayStation 4 success is largely due to its excellent game library, which included some of the best games, and now seven years later, the next-generation PlayStation 5 gaming platform that the company launched last November is looking to replicate that success.

The new model has the great advantage of providing direct access to the game library via the PlayStation Plus service, which gives players access to successful PS4 games directly on the PS5 system, so if you are planning to purchase the new PlayStation 5 console and looking forward to playing the latest games, Sony has a lot to offer.

To make the task easier for you, we will mention for you in this list the best games currently available on the PS5 platform so that you always know what you will play after purchasing the device:

1- Spider-Man: Miles Morales:

Marvel’s Spider-Man changed the rules of the game for superhero games in 2018, as the game provided impressive graphics and great features for players, and given its success, it is not surprising that we see it tops Sony’s list in the gaming platform launch event PlayStation 5.

As the name of the game suggests, players will control Miles Morales instead of Peter Parker this time, and while the basic gameplay has not changed, the game is packed with new features, abilities, and haptic feedback thanks to the new DualSense controller.

2- Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Game:

Usually, when a new gaming platform is launched, players, especially veterans, search for the biggest games they can find to push their experience of using the new platform to the maximum, and then we find that Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is exactly this type of game.

As it is one of the largest and most exclusive Ubisoft games within the open-world games so far, and it is sure to dazzle players greatly, as the game has everything that can be done to get excited, such as raids, building settlements, bloody Vikings battles, and more. Lots.

3- Demon’s Souls Game:

This game is developed by the Japanese company FromSoftware, and the version for the PlayStation 5 platform is characterized by more impressive graphics and an exciting story, which dispels the fears that many players have stated that the game has not progressed much during the past decade.

Although the new version still looks a bit difficult when playing it, it brings some distinctive new modifications, such as: adding new items, weapons, and armor, and the presence of a new picture mode that allows players to make better use of the game’s massive graphic enhancement.

4- Astro’s Playroom:

PlayStation 5 games vary from war to sports, but Astro’s Playroom looks somewhat different, as the main purpose of playing it is to show how haptic feedback features in games and adaptive triggers work in the new console. DualSense.

In general, the game is a very short adventure, and the goal of publishing it to some extent is to be a presentation of the new console features instead of a full-fledged game, but you should not miss the fun of playing it, especially since you will get it for free when you buy the PlayStation 5 platform New.

5- Immortals Fenyx Rising Game:

While the game is not well known to many players, it can be considered one of the most exciting Ubisoft games in years, as the game revolves around the reincarnation of a Greek adventure character who explores open worlds to solve various puzzles and defeat the famous Greek myths.

The game offers multiple rewards, including Achilles’ Sword and Daedalus Wings, which you can use in fighting with famous Greek mythical monsters, such as Cyclops and Medusa in exciting battles in the air and on the ground, and in general, it is a fun and vibrant game that uses Greek mythology terribly to create An entertaining experience for fans of open-world games.

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