5 of the best free PC games on the Epic Games Store

Computer games usually do not cost a lot of money, unlike games directed at gaming platforms, such as PlayStation from Sony, or Xbox from Microsoft, and the Epic Games store is one of the newest emerging stores that offer many discounts on games on a regular basis, in addition to that. The store also contains a great collection of games that you can download to your computer and play for absolutely free.

Here are 5 of the best free PC games on the Epic Games Store:

1- Fortnite game:

Fortnite is one of the most popular games with more than 350 million users around the world, and it can be played across almost all devices, such as personal computers, desktops, mobile devices, and gaming platforms.

It is also considered one of the best free computer games that focus on playing in the open world, either individually or collectively, where the sudden emergence of a global storm leads to the disappearance of 98% of the world’s population, and zombie-like creatures appear to attack the rest of the population, and you have to protect these survivors, and as you progress In the game, you can get more weapons and special clothes.

2- Rocket League:

Rocket League is one of the most popular computer sports games, and it is a soccer game for cars developed by Psyonix and available for many platforms, including the computer, and the game depends on four players – each team consists of two people – who score goals with their cars and get points to win.

The game also supports team play, and the developers have added new styles and arenas, such as hockey and basketball, and in 2018 the players reached more than 40 million players, and the game has a series of tournaments that are held annually.

3- Rogue Company:

Rogue Company is a multiplayer tactical shooter video game developed by First Watch Games, and the game was released in an open beta version last October for Windows users via the Epic Games Store.

The game features different goal-based game modes and maps, where matches consist of multiple rounds, and each round begins with the two teams jumping from the plane to the map to compete against each other in different goals, between rounds, players can use the money earned from completing missions and eliminating players in the previous round To purchase and upgrade weapons and equipment.

4- Hyper Scape Game:

Hyper Scape is a first-person shooter game developed by Ubisoft Montreal, and it is among the computer games that take the battle royale style with a style, such as the exact Fortnite game, and is characterized by its integration with the live broadcast services of video games, such as Twitch.

Up to 100 players compete in a variety of game modes, single phase and team phase, and the contestants are dropped into a map called “New Arcadia” divided into sectors, where they must compete to survive and collect different weapons as the map slowly eats up, until the surviving players gather In Arcadia, one region, where one of them must win the crown either by eliminating all other contenders or by maintaining the crown for 45 consecutive seconds.

5- CRSED Game: F.O.A.D:

CRSED: F.O.A.D is an Online Multiplayer Shooting video game developed by Darkflow Studio and formerly known as Cuisine Royale, and it is among the great free PC games.

Unlike other battle royale style games, there is no landing or inclusion stage for the players, rather they are directly deployed randomly throughout the slowly shrinking map, to fight with each other until only one player or team remains, and players can use the weapons, items, and vehicles they find on Map directly.

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