5 new features in the YouTube app to improve your viewing experience

The YouTube platform announced recently that the total number of its users reaches two billion monthly active users, and people watch more than one billion hours of video every day, and more than 70% of the time they watch YouTube is via mobile devices.

At the end of October, the YouTube platform launched a new update for its mobile app that includes some new features that aim to make it easier to watch and interact with your favorite videos, including: new gestures, updated player controls, and additional features.

All features are available in the YouTube app for iOS and Android users, and some will also work when using the YouTube website in a desktop browser. And if you don’t see the new features yet in the app, you might need to update it in your phone now.

Here are 5 new features in the YouTube app to improve your viewing experience:

1- Developing the Video Classroom feature:

A few months ago, the YouTube app introduced a feature called Video Chapters that allows the video maker to divide it into chapters easily by typing some intervals in their video description, to better facilitate navigation in the videos by allowing you to jump to a specific section of the video. Watch it only, or rewatch a certain portion of the video without playing it all.

This feature was developed in the last update of the YouTube app by including a new playlist that shows all the chapters of the video with thumbnails, and you can find it by clicking on the chapter title in the player, and you will see a complete list of all the chapters included in the video you are watching, and each of them contains Get a mini preview of what you’ll find in this chapter, which should save your time by quickly accessing the portion of the video that you are interested in.

2- Easier access to the captions button:

In the previous; To play captions in the videos you watch you had to go to video settings to play them, but now; The Play Captions button appears in the video screen directly, all you have to do is click on the (CC) icon in the top right corner of the video screen to turn the captions on and off.

The video autoplay button has also been moved to the video screen, so that it is easy to start and stop it, and is currently available in the YouTube application in smartphones, but it is also being tested in the desktop version.

3- New gestures for watching videos:
To play the video in full screen mode previously you had to click on the full screen icon in the lower right corner of the video screen, but now you can simply swipe up in the video window to enter full screen mode, and swipe down when you want to exit full screen mode .

4- New suggested measures to improve your video viewing experience:

After installing the latest YouTube app update, suggested actions will appear for you below the video you are watching, as these actions will prompt you to rotate your phone or play the video in VR mode for a better viewing experience. For example: If the video you’re watching looks better in landscape mode, you’ll see an action below the video that says Rotate, and you can also dismiss the action you don’t want by pressing the (X) button that appears next to it.

5- Bedtime reminder feature:

You can indulge in watching YouTube videos for hours without realizing it, but now the YouTube app offers you a Bedtime Reminder feature that allows you to set reminders for specific times to stop watching videos.

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