5 legitimate ways to win free bitcoins

Yes, you can get bitcoins for free, and maybe you can also get some other cryptocurrencies for free, but you should know before we start that you probably won’t get much of them, but free currencies are a great way to start trading cryptocurrencies.

In this article, we show 5 tried and guaranteed ways to get cryptocurrencies completely free

1- Free bitcoin from Bitcoin faucets:

Bitcoin faucets, or what is known as the Bitcoin faucet, are one of the most popular ways to earn bitcoin for free, all you have to do is enter every minute and you will get a very small amount in bitcoin, maybe a few cents, but you can convert it for something.

One of the oldest and most popular bitcoin faucet sites is “freebitco.in“, and it offers other services such as lottery and gambling, but you can always just use the tap just to win a free bitcoin.
As well as the “Moon Bitcoin” site for winning Bitcoin, the “Moon Dogecoin” site for winning the Dogecoin, and the “Moon Dash” site for winning Dash Coin, And the “Moon Litecoin” site to profit Litecoin and others.

2- Shortening the links:

Well, you must send tens or perhaps hundreds of links on the Internet every day, and of course you share many links on social media daily, but you can shorten the links through one of the link shortening service providers and get Bitcoin profits whenever a visitor clicks on your link.
The simple matter is that when you click on a link, the site will convert the user to a page with ads before transferring it back to your original link, and you reap a commission from the profits of these ads.

One of the most popular sites that offer Bitcoins in exchange for shortening links is /adfoc.us, but there are many other sites that offer Bitcoin profits in exchange for shortening links.

3- Get some Bitcoin Cash for free:

Bitcoin.com is one of the sites that were considered one of the official websites for the Bitcoin currency until the site decided to abandon its support for Bitcoin and support for Bitcoin Cash, and you can simply download the website’s wallet program and you will get some Bitcoin Cash for absolutely free.

4- Mining:

Well, mining might not be a good option if the capabilities of your device are weak, and you will end up paying electricity bills much larger than your profits, but you can mine a small coin and get it for free if you just want to experiment, there are many programs that offer this service such as MultiMiner

Or you can mine ETN via your mobile phone, just download the official app and start making profits.

5- AirDrop, Fork, and others:

But if you are to reap real profits and get some cryptocurrencies for free, then you should constantly follow our site to find out dates and news for forex and airdrops, fork simply is when a currency splits from another currency and then you give each investor the same amount of what he owns from the new currency, so if you are on For example, you have ten Bitcoins before the Bitcoin Cash was derived. You will also get ten Bitcoins. But you should follow us to learn about such news.

There is also AirDrop which is similar, and you can know everything about AirDrop here.

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