4 ways the new LG Wing is changing mobile usage

At the end of last October, LG launched the (LG Wing) phone in some countries, while postponing its launch in many markets to the end of the year, the phone comes with a rotating design that makes it different from any smartphone released in 2020, so we cannot include it. Within the category of regular smartphones, or foldable phones, which are the new trend in the market.

The company (LG) is distinguished in the smart phone market by providing its own solutions, for example: foldable phones are the current trend in the phone market, but unlike companies such as: Samsung and Huawei, (LG) did not offer a foldable phone, but rather Last year, the LG G8X ThinQ dual-screen phone, but instead of bending glass and plastic around sturdy metal frames, LG simply introduced the phone with a second screen accessory called (DualScreen) that takes the form of a phone case, in which you place a regular phone into a dual-screen foldable phone. In the middle is like a book.

But the company (LG) was not satisfied with this idea only to enter the world of foldable phones, but this year it introduced the (LG Wing) phone, which is unlike any other phone, as it is characterized by a design with a rotating screen that makes it distinctive when compared to even the strangest phones issued in 2020 It is also the first brand-new Explorer Project phone from LG looking to try new ways of thinking about how our smartphones are designed and used.

The (LG Wing) phone features some new ways of how to take advantage of dual-screen phones, whether it is for productivity or gaming and entertainment.

Here are 4 ways the new LG Wing phone changes how you use your Android phone:

1- The immersive viewing experience without interruption over the phone:

Nothing limits the immersive viewing experience, such as: notifications that appear every few seconds on your phone screen while watching videos, but with the (LG Wing) phone you will never suffer from pop-ups blocking your view again, as all alerts can easily be switched to the screen The second is 3.9 inches, with the use of the large 6.8 inch main screen to watch content without interruption.

Furthermore it; There is no notch or hole in the screen thanks to the 32MP pop-up front camera that remains hidden from view until you need it.

The second screen can also be used as a media controller, which is a handy feature that prevents your fingers from blocking the content in the main screen when adjusting the volume or brightness. And if you prefer to watch the time and date on the second screen while watching a movie or show, just activate the (Grip Lock) mode to ignore unintended screen clicks.

2- Do anything you want on the phone while watching videos:

Android phones since the release of (Android 8.0 Oreo) support the PiP (picture-in-picture) feature, allowing users to watch videos while using other applications, which is a great feature for multitasking, but it is also far from the perfect solution.

The video plays in a small window anywhere on the home screen, so it hides other content on your screen, and you will likely find yourself moving the video constantly until you can do what you want.

But on (LG Wing) this is not a problem; Because you can check emails, reply to Slack messages, or browse Facebook or Twitter on the phone’s main screen while playing a YouTube video on the second screen.

You can’t force videos to fill the entire area of ​​the second screen, but the ability to play a video next to – rather than above – other apps you use is much better. And if you prefer not to watch YouTube and want to watch streaming services, such as: Disney Plus, Netflix or HBO Max, they work the same way.

3- Experience smooth multitasking:

The LG Wing phone offers the next level of multitasking, with the ability to run two applications simultaneously, one on each screen, where you can use the Google Maps application to track directions to reach your destination on the main screen, with the music application running on the second screen.

And imagine that you are trying to track directions to your destination in the Maps application and you receive a call, usually the call screen will replace the map in your screen, which makes you stuck, but in the (LG Wing) phone, the Maps application on the main screen remains open even when you receive a phone call.

4- Unique Content Creation Features:

LG Wing’s unique form factor introduces exceptional new content creation tools, especially for users who love to record all aspects of their lives using their smartphones, as it comes with a Gimbal Motion camera, which uses six motion sensors in the phone; To allow creators the ability to take videos and photos in more smooth and steady ways.

The phone also provides a lot of Gimbal (three-axis phone stabilizer) functions, including: Controls to control the camera angle without moving the phone, and you can also use (Swivel) mode to record a video clip that appears in the main screen, with buttons on the second screen that allow You can switch between multiple camera features, such as: (Gimbal) mode, or (Follow) mode, which assumes the phone’s camera to follow your movements smoothly, and many other different modes that help you capture your special moments in new and different ways.

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