4 things to do on your old iPhone before upgrading to iPhone 12

If you are planning to upgrade your iPhone to one of the new (iPhone 12) phones, it is important to make sure to save a backup copy of the old phone’s settings before upgrading, and the reason is not to start over and waste a lot of time adjusting the new phone settings.

Here are 4 things you should do on your old iPhone before upgrading to iPhone 12:

1- Upgrade to iOS 14.2:

If you haven’t upgraded to the latest iOS yet, now is the time to do so, as all new iPhone 12 models will arrive with iOS 14.2 pre-installed, so to ensure a smooth transition from the old to the new phone, you must You have to update through the following steps:

– Open the (Settings) app on the current iPhone.
– Click on the (General) option.
– Click on the “Software Update” option, in the event that there is a new update, you will likely see a notification saying that it is ready. Click on the “Download and install” option, and this may only take several minutes.

2- Upload your photo library to iCloud:

If you have a lot of photos in the photo library of your current iPhone, it is time to transfer or backup them to your iCloud account, to do so follow these steps:

– Open the (Settings) app on the current iPhone.
– Select your profile, then select (iCloud).
– Switch the Photos option to ON.

how to upload photos into icloud photo library

Note: If you have never uploaded your photos in iCloud before and you have a lot of photos, this process may take some time to complete, in addition to that, once you upgrade to the new phone, you will find that the data transfer will take less time.

3- Turn off two-factor authentication on the current iPhone 12:

If you are using an authentication app on your current iPhone to generate 2FA codes, you must turn off two-factor authentication for those sites that use codes before switching to the new phone, and then activate two-factor authentication again when the new iPhone 12 is powered on.

4- Create a new backup:

If you are planning to transfer all settings from the old phone to the new iPhone 12 from an iCloud backup, it is very important to have a backup copy of your old phone directly before making the switch to ensure an easy transfer of settings and applications from your old phone to the new one.

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