4 of the best gaming keyboards for PlayStation 4 users

Using the keyboard and mouse with the PlayStation 4 platform from Sony provides you with a great gaming experience when playing games that support these devices, as these devices provide you with better accuracy than the gamepad, especially in shooting games.

So today, we’re going to review 4 of the best gaming keyboards and mice for PlayStation 4 users:

1- Redragon S101 Package:

If you want a keyboard to use for playing games and performing work tasks at the same time, the package (Redragon S101), which includes a professional mouse and keyboard, is a suitable option for you, as these devices are designed for use in playing video games and performing other productivity tasks as well, making it a tablet Great gaming keys for PlayStation 4 and PC alike.

The keyboard comes with an elegant look and customizable color patterns, as it contains 25 customizable keys, with the ability to disable the Windows key to prevent it from interrupting you during the game if you accidentally press it, with a handy wrist rest when typing long, and the keyboard is quiet when pressed On the buttons, while the gaming mouse comes in an ergonomic design, it contains six buttons, five of which are customizable.

Price: You can get the package (Redragon S101) on Amazon for $ 36.98

2- CHONCHOW RGB Keyboard:

The CHONCHOW RGB package – which includes a keyboard and mouse – is affordable and high-quality, making it a great choice for novice PlayStation 4 users who are looking for great and inexpensive accessories to get started.

The keyboard supports the backlight feature, with 7 colors that can be changed automatically, and 8 levels of brightness to choose from, with built-in supports that allow you to change the angle of the keyboard according to your desire, while the mouse comes with LED lighting at the back and edges, and a comfortable design to reduce friction between the wrist And the top of the desk, with a comfortable size to fit all hands, and waterproof support for both.

Price: You can get the “CHONCHOW RGB” package from Amazon KSA for $ 29.99.

3- ZIYOU LANG Wireless Package:

ZIYOU LANG‘s wireless keyboard and mouse package comes with a high-quality plastic design, the keyboard has a variety of auto-changing LED lights with 3 brightness levels that you can choose from, with 12 customizable keys, support for water resistance.

The mouse comes with a button that allows you to mute the sound with 7 LED colors, and a metal wheel, and you can customize and adjust it at four different speeds, helping you to pinpoint locations, and get an immersive feeling when playing games that require the mouse on the PlayStation 4 platform.

Price: You can get the (ZIYOU LANG) wireless package from Amazon for $ 57.99.

4- Logitech MK360 Wireless Package:

Logitech has been in the field of producing keyboards and mice for a long time, and the MK360 keyboard and mouse package is an excellent choice for gamers, as this panel comes in a size that is 20% smaller than regular keyboards, but nevertheless provides all the functions wonderfully, and you can customize it according to your desire .

The mouse comes with it at a speed of 2 GHz, which provides a strong connection with your gaming platform, and the package is available on Amazon at a price of $ 29.99.

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