4 free alternative photo saver services to google photos

With Google announcing the termination of the unlimited free backup feature in the Google Photos service starting from June 1, 2021, searching for another cloud storage service to save your photos and access them from anywhere has become important, as once the free space is consumed It is 15 GB. You can use one of the alternatives that we will mention here.

But it should be noted that most of these services do not offer the same features as (Google Photos), however they are the best solution for you if you do not want to subscribe to one of the paid (Google One) plans.

Here are 4 of the most prominent free alternative photo saving services to Google Photos:

1- Amazon Pictures Service:

If you have an Amazon Prime account, you can use the Amazon Photos service within your account to save any number of photos, as the service allows you unlimited storage space for photos, in addition to providing 5 GB of free storage space to save videos. And other files.

The service contains some keyword search features, and you can also save the images in their original quality, and the application automatically syncs your photos to the phone, in addition to that, the service allows you to share unlimited photo storage capacity with up to six family members in one subscription, but Remember, if you cancel your Amazon Prime subscription, you will lose access to your photos and may be permanently deleted.

2- Dropbox service:

The Dropbox service is one of the most popular cloud storage services, and a suitable alternative to the (Google Photos) service, as it allows you to automatically synchronize all photos from your phone in your account in the service, and the service also provides great integration with most third-party productivity applications.

However, the space that you will get in the free version is very limited, as you will only get 2 GB of space compared to the (Google Photos) service which is 15 GB or any other cloud storage service, and its paid subscription plans are much more expensive than its competitors.

3- Flickr Service:

Flickr is one of the oldest cloud photo storage services on the Internet, as professional and amateur photographers especially use it to host and share high-quality photos, and it can be a great service for regular users as well.

The service’s application provides an automatic synchronization of all the pictures in your phone with your account, or you can select the photos that you want to sync, and your photos and videos can be saved in private mode to keep them away from prying eyes.

The service also gives you an easy way to organize albums, and offers free storage to save 1,000 photos, and if you want unlimited storage, you will have to upgrade to the Flickr Pro plan for $ 7 a month or $ 60 a year.

4- OneDrive service:

OneDrive service is a popular choice for users who are looking to improve their productivity due to its integration with Office applications, and a suitable alternative to the (Google Photos) service as well, where you can download the application in your phone and automatically synchronize your photos in your account in the service, and the service allows the search feature Images, and automatically tag them based on their content.

The free version offers 5 GB of storage, but you can upgrade to 100 GB for $ 2 a month, and Microsoft 365 users will also get 1 TB of storage at $ 7 a month or $ 70 a year; This makes it a suitable choice for anyone who uses Microsoft applications for business or personal use.

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