4 features in iPadOS 14 help you get the most out of your iPad

The new iPadOS 14 operating system from Apple provides many improvements and new features to the iPad lineup, and whether you plan to buy the new iPad Air 2020 tablet, or you have an iPad that supports iPadOS 14, there are a lot of features that the system offers you And help you improve productivity.

Here are 4 features in iPadOS 14 that help you get the most out of your iPad:

Note: Most of the features we will mention in this article work with the new iPad Air 2020 as well as the latest iPad Pro models and any Apple tablet running iPadOS 14.

1- Support for the second generation Apple smart pen:
The iPad Air 2020 supports the second-generation Apple smart stylus for the first time, as the pen was only compatible with the iPad Pro series while other iPad tablets only support the first generation of the stylus.

The second generation of Apple’s smart pen comes in a more comfortable design, and uses wireless charging when connected to the device instead of the Lightning connector, in addition to that, the smart pen supports new gestures to do things such as: Quickly change writing tools, while providing an enhanced experience for everything, such as: illustration and business Creative, note-taking and various productivity tasks.

Users of Apple tablets operating with the iPadOS 14 operating system will also get the capabilities of the wonderful smart pen, such as: the new Scribble feature, which allows you to manually write in any text field using the pen, and automatically convert it into written text, as this feature depends in its work on technologies Machine learning; To recognize handwritten texts using the Apple Smart Pen, and convert them into written texts via the device’s keyboard.

2- Improved tools with the release of iPadOS 14:
While it is ideal to see iPad widgets match the new functions that first appeared on iPhones with the release of iOS 14, such as: working anywhere on the home screen or any app page, they are still worth exploring.

Where you can now activate the Today View feature on the tablet’s main screen to view current information from your favorite applications at a glance, as you can see information from applications such as: weather, calendar, and others for the day.

3- USB-C port features:
The features based on the USB-C port are not new in iOS 14 but will be new for many users who are switching to iPad Air 2020 from an old iPad device, as you can now use the USB-C port to connect the device to many other accessories that support the port. Such as: screens, cameras, and external storage drives easily.

4- Other features to facilitate navigation between applications:
IPadOS 14 tablets come with many other useful features, such as: new application formats that feature a sidebar for easier browsing and use, as well as support for 4K streaming for YouTube videos for the first time, and support for the built-in call interface on the iPhone. .

It is worth noting that the iPad Air 2020 tablet is now available for pre-order on Amazon at $ 599.

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