3 ways to access the screenshots saved on PS5

The new gaming platform (PlayStation 5) supports some built-in tools that allow you to save screenshots of gameplay clips at a rate of 60 frames per second and 4K screen shots, but if you do not know the user interface of the new games platform you may have difficulty finding those clips so you can Than share it with others.

Here are 3 ways you can access screenshots saved on PS5:

Starting with all screenshots and videos are saved directly inside the Media Gallery application on the PS5 platform, where you will see thumbnails of the screenshots and clips that were taken, and if you have an external USB drive connected to the platform, you can go to the right to browse the folders on the drive Find files that correspond to it.

To access screenshots or videos saved on the PS5 platform, there are several different ways to access the (Media Gallery) application, whose icon appears as a camera above the screen tab, next to the icons of other applications on the (Games) tab in the main control panel, such as: Netflix and Spotify , As the PS5 doesn’t allow you to customize the menu or pin items.

ps5 game library installed media gallery

1- The first method:

If (Media Gallery) disappears from the main dashboard, there are other ways to pull it up, to do so follow these steps:

– Go to your game library by swiping to the right edge of the control panel.
– Press the R1 button on the console to access the installed (Installed) tab.
– Scroll down to the list of installed games, and you’ll see four icons including: PlayStation Plus, PlayStation Now, Media Gallery and Remote Play.

2- The second method:

You can also access the Media Gallery from the PS5 console’s settings menu, to do so follow these steps:

– Move to the top-right of the PS5 dashboard by pressing the triangle on the console.
– Click on the gear icon in the screen.
– In the storage section, under the (Settings) section, you will see four categories: (Games), (Applications), (Media Gallery), and (Saved data).

ps5 storage settings media gallery

3- The third method:

You can also access the Media Gallery from the PS5’s Create menu, which pops up when you press and hold the Create button on the DualSense controller – it depends on your settings – and when you pull up the Create menu, go to the left of the screen where you’ll see a thumbnail of your most recent screenshots. Click on it and a pop-up menu will open, including a shortcut button called Go to Media Gallery.

ps5 create go to media gallery

Now, once you access the media gallery by any of the aforementioned methods, you can view all of your snaps, copy them to a USB drive – if you have one listed – or share them directly via external sites like: Twitter or YouTube or delete them from the gallery.

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